ResOnline channel connections

Resonline updates all of the Major OTAs (Online Channel Agents), below are the channels you get free when you signup with ResOnline.

  • Bookeasy (Info Centres)
  • Roamfree

Easy Self Mapping

Using Resonline you do not need to contact us in order to map your Rate Packages to the OTA Rate Packages. Resonline has a built in mapping interface which allows you to perform the mappings yourself. This allows you to get your new changes to market sooner as you will not be required to wait in a long queue (sometimes up to 2 weeks with our competitors) before your mappings can be performed for you.

Since its 2003 inception as the first two-way channel manager in Australia, ResOnline has invested in building a significant amount of connections and developed established partnerships with hundreds of Online Travel Agents, Property Management Systems, Central Reservation Systems and Industry Specialists.

With history as such, ResOnline provides a total software solution that allows the Tourism Industry to maximise their online distribution, manage bookings online and control your inventory with ease from just about anywhere.

Channels which Resonline is connected to Logo
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Note: Please be advised you may be required to pay commission fees to distribution channels for bookings received.

Are you an OTA?

If you are an OTA and you would like Resonline to update properties on your system, then please send us an email using the Contact Us Page requesting that we get connected.