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Connect to Roamfree

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Connect to Roamfree

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ROLclip0011 is using the same extranet as Resonline Channel Manager.

If you are already using Resonline - all you need to do is to let the Support Team know that you wish to be listed on their website and activate your channel in Distribution.


On the 4th September 2013 booking handling process and commission structure has changed.


Here are the details about how operates now:


The Booking Process:


1.At the time of booking collects 12% of the booking amount + a booking fee from the Guests Credit card. Both fees are non refundable. will forward a booking confirmation email to the Property notifying of the amount that have collected and the amount that the Property should collect from the Guest. will provide for you in the email a link to login to our Extranet to fetch the credit card details so you can collect the final Payment. These credit card details are stored in our Secure Credit Card Vault and cannot be transferred via email. You should use your Credit Card Vault password to retrieve these credit card details. has completed its obligations with the booking and any remaining activity involved with the booking has been handed over to the Property to be processed.



Cancellations and Amendments:


Cancellations and Amendments of Bookings is to be processed by the Property. does not need to be involved in the cancellation of a booking.  The Property may charge additional charges for the cancellation of a booking in accordance with their Booking Conditions.


In cases where the booking is canceled or amended, no portion of the 12% commission nor the booking fee that has collected is refundable. The Guest is notified of this non refundable portion of the fees at the time that they place the booking, and this warning is also in their Booking Confirmation email.


Balance of Payment for Bookings


You will be required to collect the Balance of payment for all bookings.


You will no longer need to invoice the Roamfree Accounts Team for your hotel fees for bookings made on or after the 4th September 2013.