PMS Connect

Property Management Systems (PMS)

Below are the current Property Management Systems that are connected to ResOnline. If your PMS is listed below, this means you will be able to maintain your rates and availability from within your PMS system and have these sent to Resonline. Resonline will then receive the bookings from your connected channels (OTAs) and will send those bookings to your PMS. This all reduces the work you have to do each day in managing your online marketing strategy.

ResOnline Direct Connect

If you have a Property Management System (PMS), or Central Reservation System (CRS) and would like to add seamless two way connection to a channel manager then ResOnline Direct Connect (RDC) is perfect for you.

ResOnline Direct Connect allows you to send update of rates, availability, stop sells, min length of stay and inclusions from your system to ResOnline. ResOnline will then instantly update all connected Online Travel Agents and Global Distribution Systems.

When a booking is made on any channel, it is stored in ResOnline and easily retrieved by  your system through ResOnline Direct Connect.

Connection involves…

  • Having a hotel setup in ResOnline. To do this go to and click sign up.
  • Retrieving the rate plan names and ID’s from ResOnline and mapping these in your system
  • Updating dynamic data such as availability, rates, stop sells, min length of stay, and inclusions. It is not necessary to update all dynamic data. For example, you may wish to only update availability, and have the client manage rates from within their ResOnline console.
  • Retrieving new and cancelled bookings,

For further information and to gain access to our documentation and API, please visit the Contact Us page and send us an email.