ResOnline now connects to the TXA

ResOnline is now able to offer its customers a dynamic two way connection to TXA's huge range of distribution options. The connection will allow ResOnline's customers to harness the full power of TXA's unique distribution to boost their online visibility through a seamless, intuitive and easy to use interface.

"This is another great step forward for the Exchange and the Australian industry. Booking system connections to TXA, such as this latest ResOnline integration, deliver more great product offerings to TXA distributors. Through their TXA connection, distributors can combine ATDW's rich content database with live rates and live availability, only delivered by TXA," Liz Ward, CEO of ATDW, said.

"The ResOnline connection to TXA offers a fantastic opportunity for our clients to gain additional exposure in the online space with minimal effort. ResOnline clients can effectively double their online distribution by connecting to the TXA. The new TXA channel is to be included with the growing list of channels that ResOnline now offers for its low monthly price," founder of ResOnline, Bryan Frawley, stated.

How it works

  1. Use the sign up link to get access to ResOnline
  2. Complete a TXA agreement to become a supplier. As part of this, make sure you complete the Online Merchant Facility application so that booking funds can be deposited automatically and directly into your nominated bank account.
  3. Then connect to the TXA under the distribution page in ResOnline.
  4. That's it. Now all the rates and availability you enter in ResOnline will be available to TXA, and when you receive a booking it will drop into ResOnline and you will also be notified by e-mail.



ResOnline charges a low monthly fee to connect to the TXA, and all other distribution channels available, plus a booking form for your own website. There are no additional costs for this particular channel.


The TXA charges a booking fee of 2.8% per booking plus an 80c transaction fee - including GST. This is for all bookings, including any cancellations. Some TXA distributors charge a distribution commission. This commission can vary from 0% up to 20%. You control which distributors you want to use to sell your property and the price of your rooms.