A "Fresh" Look at Support

The team at ResOnline are excited to advise that we have transitioned to a new software support solution.

Although the current support system has served us well we've decided to go for an industry leading 3rd party solution after pretty vigorous comparison testing.

Note that we are making changes to the system itself and not the people behind it! Rest assured you will still be dealing with the same old friendly, helpful and awesome crew when you contact us.

resonline help

There are several reasons why we moved to this new system but the driving force was our desire to provide the best support possible for our clients. The benefits with this change are:

  •     greatly improved self-help tool and search features
  •     a rating system
  •     social media integration (Facebook and Twitter)
  •     chat support features
  •     a new online forum
  •     and a much smoother overall experience for you

Not all of these features will be available from day one (such as the new online forum) but it is our hope the transition will start making everyone‘s support experience better immediately.

Our online Chat Support is live during business hours. Should you use chat outside of business hours, we will receive your message and respond during business hours.

Please keep in mind that this is all work in progress. Although the basic setup is ready, we will be adding content and streamlining the system as we move forward. While we hope that the transition will be smooth, if any further issues do pop up we hope that you'll be patient with us while we work to resolve them. On that subject, if you do run into any issues or if you have some great ideas for us, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Powered by Freshdesk, the new help portal can be found at help.resonline.com where we highly encourage all inbound support requests to be channelled as we build the self-help features that will provide you with instant answers to the many questions we receive!

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