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Connect to Orbitz

Connect to Orbitz

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Connect to Orbitz

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Before you connect Resonline to Orbitz you will need to let the Orbitz Team know that you are using Resonline Channel Management solution.


Orbitz Team will then make necessary changes to your extranet to allow inventory updates from ResOnline. Once completed, you will be provided with 2 set of Orbitz credentials:


1) Orbitz extranet login details for you to access the Orbitz extranet

2) Channel Manager login details - to complete mapping with Resonline


Please use the Channel Manager login details to complete mapping in ResOnline Distribution

Please make sure that you read all information provided in Agoda's Welcome Page before you continue.


This instruction will show you the following information about connection with Orbitz:


Mapping Resonline with Orbitz

Extra person charge


Mapping with Orbitz


Please use the Channel Manager login details provided by Orbitz to complete mapping in ResOnline Distribution



Property log in:

Username:   ABCD (case sensitive)

Password:     Orbitz858! (case sensitive, note punctuation)


Channel Manager log in:

Username:   BeautifulHotel111 (case sensitive)

Password:     Orbitz111# (case sensitive, note punctuation)

Property ID:   98765

Chain Code:  OBZ


The Property ID is made of both: Orbitz Chain Code and Orbitz Property ID divided by the pipe symbol:




Chain Code | Property ID (pipe symbol between Code and ID, no spaces between each part)

The Pie Symbol is usually located close to the Enter key on your Keyboard. Sometimes, however, it can be found on the left hand side of the keyboard next to the Caps Lock key.





Resonline mapping screen:


1.After you place Orbitz credentials, please click Fetch Rooms button.

2.Packages found on Orbitz will appear on the left hand side of the screen

3.Please match them with the rate plans that you created on ResOnline

4.The Rate Adjustment field allow to send rates adjusted by the % that you set up here.
This is usually used to send NET rates to distribution channels.
Orbitz is one of the OTAs that accepts NET rates which means that the rate they receive from Resonline is treated as NET and Orbitz will modify those rates by adding a certain % to display it as GROSS rate on Orbitz website.
As your Resonline rates are always GROSS, to ensure that Orbitz display the correct amount we need to reduce the rates we send by the same % that Orbitz will then add to it.
Orbitz Team will notify you what is the mark-up/ rate adjustment that needs to be applied.
Simply place the % value in the Rate Adjustment field with minus (to reduce the rate).

5.Once done - click Save Changes button
Your ResOnline inventory will now be sent to Orbitz.




Extra person charge


One of the details on Orbitz updated by ResOnline is Extra Person charge.


Information on what details ResOnline update can be found on the Welcome Page for Orbitz in Distribution




Extra Adult charge sent to Orbitz will be taken from your Rooms and Rates - section, Extra Adult Charge field.


It will be sent only if number of Maximum Guests Allowed is higher then number of Standard Guests Included in Price.


If Standard Guests Included in Price = Maximum Guests Allowed, there will be no extra guests allowed, therefore the Extra Adult Charge will not be sent.


Note that the Extra Adult charge is sent as a NET rate using the Rate Adjustment applied in Distribution for specific rate plan.



The 3rd person in the room is not included in the standard price, therefore the Extra Adult Price ($25 minus rate adjustment if applied) will be sent to Orbitz.