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Connect to TripAdvisor

Connect to TripAdvisor

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Connect to TripAdvisor

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Prior to the connection to TripAdvisor you will need to inform them that you are using ResOnline as your Channel Manager.


TripAdvisor is not a transactional site (unlike OTAs like Expedia,, etc.), rates and availability displayed on the TripAdvisor website are taken from your own booking form (your website).


All potential guests wanting to book a room will be redirected from TripAdvisor website to your ResOnline stand alone booking form to complete the booking process.


The Stand Alone booking form (like this one: is automatically created for all Resonline users.


Even if you are currently using a Resonline gadget that it embedded into your website, Trip Advisor clients will complete their booking on the Stand Alone booking from.


Both booking facilities are showing exactly the same information taken from your Resonline account.


As a result - all bookings made via TripAdvisor will really be made on your booking form therefore they will appear in Resonline Reports as Your Website bookings.


Moreover, Trip Advisor will display information about your property taken from ResOnline - Property Details section (descriptions, images etc.)



Connectivity Requirements


With this unusual connectivity, there is no mapping required for TripAdvisor.

To activate this connection on Resonline you must complete the following:


- Activate Your Website in Resonline Distribution section (even if you do not have your own website, this will activate the Resonline booking form that TripConnect will use)

- Complete all fields in Property Details section (Trip Advisor will not display a property that has no description, has incomplete address etc.)



Prices on TripAdvisor


All prices displayed on the Trip Advisor website are prices quoted in USD.

Please bear in mind that the currency exchange rate can vary from day to day which could explain the price discrepancies.




Trip Advisor features “Cost per Click” (CPC) payment model wherein you will be charged each time a user clicks on your URL link in TripAdvisor and is redirected to your reservations page on your own website. This cost is determined via a bidding auction.


For any further information on TripAdvisor, please visit here or contact the TripAdvisor support team