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We were with ResOnline for over 12 years and have just now retired after 52 years in the tourism industry.  We enjoyed working working with the ResOnline team over the past decade. ResOnline is very affordable and has allowed us a lot of freedom in our lives, with ease of use while travelling and overseas.

Denis & Raquel, Classic Cottages s/c Accommodation, Port Arthur

Dear Resonline staff - Last weekend I registered to use resonline as my channel manager, this weekend is the first in years where Ive not had to spend half my Friday checking and double checking my bookings and updating websites in time for the weekend, if I had known the freedom resonline would provide I would have registered a long time ago... Just want to say thankyou for giving me back my Friday nights :-)

Lilian Finch Sanddancers B&B

I would just like to comment on the noticeable professionalism and genuine help and support I have noticed in dealing with this service recently. Coming from someone that prides himself on providing customer service at a level second to none I have been quite impressed with the attitude of the staff including Bevan, Tom to name a couple, in my recent enquiries and you guys must me doing something right there as it reflects highly from our end. Keep up the magnificent work as believe me it pays off in the long run!

Steve & Sharon Boutique Bungalows

Thank you so much Bryan. Must say the resonline yearly deals page is great with it being so much easier to change the stop sell and min nights etc all together there. Well done!

Rod & Barry Barnsley House B&B

Holiday Holiday has been a happy customer of Resonline since year 2012. Throughout the years, we have had instant support from the Resonline team, which is extremely important when managing multiple properties.

Resonline has the most user friendly interface, advanced connectivity and best value for money service compared with other channel managers. We highly recommend Resonline to any property managers or onsite managers making a decision on a channel manager.

Lee Lee Goh Holiday Holiday

At Agoda, we are very satisfied with our partnership with Resonline. For several years now our two teams have worked closely to develop a product that today servers over 2,400 clients that trust us to deliver accurate, timely information on their inventory.

“We enjoy working with Resonline because their connection is reliable, and the updates we receive from them are always accurate,” says Errol Cooke, VP Global Partner Services of Agoda. “It goes a long way to ensuring continued growth that will benefit everyone involved.”

Resonline is currently using an advanced XML request to ensure that all connected properties not only have the most updated inventory, but also the most accurate settings. Errors and incorrect settings are automatically detected and rectified, allowing Resonline to enjoy a very high success rate with their customers.

We are keen to see this partnership yield more and more clients as we go forward!

Corinna Agoda

Just a quick note to say how happy we are to be working with the ResOnline Team. We find the program works great and is very intuitive, the support staff are super helpful and the properties seem to love it.

Dave Upton Accommodation Guru

We have developed a great partnership with Resonline their dedication to optimising our distribution channels and innovating the way we manage our inventory of 500+ apartments is second to none. We appreciate their attention to detail and the team are always on hand to assist with questions and develop the application to meet our specific needs. Belinda & Karina are a great support when connecting new channels and offer unlimited assistance and guidance. We would recommended Resonline to any accommodation provider searching for a reliable and supportive channel manager.

Sophie Hallion Q1 Resort & Spa and Rhapsody Resort

Thank you for helping us connect with all of the Online Travel Agents each year. It has allowed us to stay focused on the day to day operations of our business.

Gabriele Casa Nostra Motel Rockhampton and Casa Nostra Motel Mackay

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