Is your website missing online booking capability? Let a professional add it for you!

Studies have shown that sending guests to a different site to book can drastically decrease their trust in your product. Our team can seamlessly integrate the booking widget into your website, ensuring guests feel confident in booking with you direct.

$99^ Booking Link
added to website content*

$199^ Booking Link
added to navigation bar**

$299^ Embedded Gadget
with default styling with 1-2 colours**

from $499^ Embedded Gadget
with customised styling**

POA Embedded multi-property gadget**


  • Enhance your online conversion
  • Enable visitors to make real-time bookings via your website
  • Provide a seamless user experience
  • Offer credit card security to your customers
  • Strengthen your brand with a modern, customisable booking engine
  • Don’t pay commission
  • No ongoing costs
  • Get expert implementation of your booking gadget by the developers who created them

^Quoted prices are exclusive of GST. *Conditions Apply. **Requires access to website FTP details.

Booking Link

A great, cost-effective solution, allowing you to convert your website traffic into real-time bookings.

Embedded Gadget

Seamlessly integrate the booking widget in to your website to ensure guests feel confident in booking with you direct.

Embedded Multi-Property Gadget

Are you a Property Manager? You can integrate the multi-property booking widget into your website, showing your guests your available properties and rooms.