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Dave Upton
I have been using the Resonline Channel Management System for the past six years, and I am thrilled to report that it has consistently exceeded my expectations in every aspect. This platform has not only streamlined my business operations but also provided unparalleled customer support throughout my journey.

The Resonline Channel Management System itself is a powerful and versatile tool. Over the years, it has consistently proven its reliability and efficiency in managing my channel distribution and inventory. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. I have been able to seamlessly synchronize my product listings across multiple channels, track inventory in real-time, and automate various tasks, saving me both time and effort.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly give Resonline's Channel Management System a well-deserved 5-star rating. Their combination of a top-notch system and exceptional customer service is truly remarkable. If you are looking for a channel management solution that works seamlessly and is backed by a team of friendly and helpful experts, Resonline is the way to go. My six years of positive experiences speak volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of this system.
Steve & Sharon
Boutique Bungalows
I would just like to comment on the noticeable professionalism and genuine help and support I have noticed in dealing with this service recently. Coming from someone that prides himself on providing customer service at a level second to none I have been quite impressed with the attitude of the staff including Bevan, Tom to name a couple, in my recent enquiries and you guys must me doing something right there as it reflects highly from our end. Keep up the magnificent work as believe me it pays off in the long run!
Denis & Raquel
Classic Cottages s/c Accommodation, Port Arthur
We were with ResOnline for over 12 years and have just now retired after 52 years in the tourism industry. We enjoyed working working with the ResOnline team over the past decade. ResOnline is very affordable and has allowed us a lot of freedom in our lives, with ease of use while travelling and overseas.
Lilian Finch
Sanddancers B&B
Dear Resonline staff - Last weekend I registered to use resonline as my channel manager, this weekend is the first in years where Ive not had to spend half my Friday checking and double checking my bookings and updating websites in time for the weekend, if I had known the freedom resonline would provide I would have registered a long time ago... Just want to say thankyou for giving me back my Friday nights :-)

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