ResOnline has a deep commitment to providing a world wide leading channel management system to the accommodation industry.

As a result, ResOnline offers bespoke customisations of our channel management software as a service to those seeking further functionality above and beyond what is already provided, and outside of our ongoing development cycle.

Bespoke client customisations can be submitted to ResOnline, whereby you (the client) covers the expense of resources to both scope and develop the functionality requested.

Customisation projects that reach the development stage are project managed by the team at ResOnline, where each project’s deliverables remain the intellectual property of ResOnline.

How Much Do Customisations Cost?

ResOnline customisations are charged according to the amount of hours required to develop and deliver a project’s deliverables. These deliverables are generally outlined in a project’s scope of work. Prior to the creation of a scope of work, the client must provide a full detailed brief in writing detailing the bespoke functionality required, and agree to pay a non-refundable scope fee to ResOnline.

What’s a Scope of Work (SOW)?

A Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described in order to specifically define, design and produce the components required to meet a project’s required deliverables.

Why do I have to pay a Scope Fee?

ResOnline receives various customisation requests on a weekly basis, with each request requiring the time, resources and expenditure of its operations and development team.

The non-refundable scope fee is necessary in order to ensure the expense for the use of our resources is covered when we take the time to properly scope out the deliverables required. We also find it helps validate inbound requests, as in the past ResOnline would often receive requests whereby our resources were expended, only to find that the customisation request would not reach the development stage due to varied reasons.

The scope fee is a standard fee that generally covers the resource expense and time required to determine a scope of work, however should a customisation request be submitted whereby we determine additional time and resources are required (e.g. due to the size of the scope, etc), then ResOnline will contact you to advise and authorise any additional costs before proceeding.

For any customisation requests that progress to the development stage, the scope fee will be offset against the final cost quoted for development.

How can I submit a Customisation Request?

Fill in the below form to submit your ResOnline customisation request, and attach a detailed brief regarding your request; please include as much detail as possible. Once received, ResOnline will issue a general scoping fee invoice of $680 excl GST, or contact you to confirm costing should your customisation request exceed the standard time required to scope your request.

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