Self Mapping

ResOnline provides you with the skills and software to take control of your bookings; this includes a built-in mapping interface allowing you to perform mappings yourself.

Mapping is how your rates are read by OTAs and third-party websites. When you create a new room type or rate plan in the OTA, you can immediately link the room or rate or a rate plan, with rates, availability, minimum nights and stop-sells, that you have created in ResOnline.

Self-mapping allows you to get your new rooms or rates to market sooner, as you will not be required to wait in a long queue; this can sometimes up to 2 weeks with our competitors before your mappings can be performed for you!

Since its 2003 inception as the first two-way channel manager in Australia, ResOnline has invested in building a significant amount of connections and developed established partnerships with hundreds of Online Travel Agents, Property Management Systems, Central Reservation Systems and Industry Specialists.

With history as such, ResOnline provides a total software solution that allows the tourism industry to maximise their online distribution, manage bookings online, and control your inventory with ease from just about anywhere.