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Connect to Wotif

Connect to Wotif

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Connect to Wotif

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Resonline updtes Wotif using WotSync API connection.


In order to allow our Channel Manager to update you need to send a request to asking them to allow the Resonline Channel Management Engine to update your property.


Please send an email to with the following details: Property ID : (See note below on how to find this) Property Name (as it appears on Wotif) :

Country :

Region / State :


Note: To find your property id, visit your Listing on the website, and up in the Address bar at the top, on the right hand side you will find your ID.  The below image shows the W3357 on the end, that is the Property ID.




Please Allow the Product team 2 working days to complete your activation. Once you receive confirmation from the Product team that the Resonline Channel manager can now update your property, you can continue with the mapping process in Resonline - Distribution section.