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ResOnline uses a support system that allows us to track and respond to your support requests in an orderly and timely manner. It is our aim to reply to each request within the same working day, however during periods of high demand, sometimes this is not possible.


Click on Support icon to see how you can get in touch with Resonline Support Team




You will see the Contact Us page with the following options:


1.For any sales inquiries, please send an email to Resonline Sales Team

2.Access this Online Help Documents

3.Start live online chat with Resonline Support Team – the best way to get helped instantly. Click here for more information.

4.Submit a support request (ticket) via Resonline Support Centre that can be tracked by our Team. Click here for more information.
IMPORTANT: If your issue is urgent, please mark that clearly in the subject of your message

5.Send an email to Resonline Support Team
IMPORTANT: If your issue is urgent, please mark that clearly in the subject of your email

6.You can also contact Resonline Support Team via telephone. If the phone lines are busy, you will have an option to leave a voice-mail message.



How to use Live Chat


Online Chat with Resonline Support Team is the best way to get quick answer to your query.
To start, click on the Live Support icon



New window will appear:

1.Business: by default Resonline will be selected

2.Enter your full name and email address

3.Write your question or briefly describe what your query is about

4.Additional information (your property name and Resonline ID) will help our Support Team to identify your property in our system

5.Once ready – click Start Chat button



New window will appear:


6.Your question will be displayed on the top of the window
Once your message is picked up, you will see who from the Support Team you are chatting to

7.Here is where the chat conversation will be displayed

8.Type your message here, once done click Send button

Live Support Away or Offline

If the ResOnline Support Team is unavailable, by clicking on the chat icon you will be asked to send a message.


Simply fill all fields required, type your message and click Send button. Your message will be delivered to the Resonline Support Team via email.

Once done, you will receive an automated response with the ticket number - please save it for your record.






How to submit a support request via ResOnline Support Center


To start, click on the Online Ticketing System icon




1.Select Resonline and click Next


2.Enter your name and e-mail address

3.Enter your business name

4.Assign a priority

5.Enter your property ID - this will help the Support Team to identify your Resonline account

6.If your support request is related to a booking, please enter the booking reference number


7.Enter the subject

8.Enter the message. Try to be as descriptive as possible.

9.If you have a screen shot, or document that assists in explaining the problem, attach it here.

10. Then submit the request.



Once your support request is submitted you will receive an automated email with the ticket number in the subject (see below).

Please make sure you receive this email -- if not, your spam filters may be blocking our emails and you will not receive our support reply.


Simple feature questions and problems are generally answered within 24 hours. More complicated problems might take up to 24-72 hours during weekdays and may require more information from you before we can replicate it and find the cause of the problem.


If we take a little longer than normal to reply then it means your problem might be complex or hard to replicate. Rest assured we're working on it though, so there's no need to send another ticket asking how we're going - we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way with constant email replies if we can't get to the bottom of your problem within a reasonable amount of time.


Our support team can fix multiple problems faster if you submit them one at a time, so if we reply to your ticket with a fix, instead of replying back with another problem please open a new ticket instead. Thanks in advance!