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CCV delivery method

CCV delivery method

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CCV delivery method

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From Tuesday, 16th September we will no longer store the CCV details in the Credit Card Vault.


However, to ensure that the complete payment details are provided, the CCV number will now be sent via email and will be included in a password protected PDF attachment.


Once a booking is made, you will receive a standard booking confirmation email and a second email with the CCV.

The CCV number will be provided in a PDF file that can be accessed by entering your Resonline ID in a password field.


Remember - your password for the PDF file with the CCV is your Resonline ID - click here to see how to find your Resonline ID.


This procedure will apply to all ‘Your Website’ and OTA bookings where the Guests’ Credit Card was supplied. The email sent with the CCV will contain limited information about the booking and a short explanation on how to access the PDF file.



According to PCI Data Security Standards, under no circumstances is Resonline allowed to store the CCV, therefore:

we will only be able to send the CCV to you once

once sent, the email and any trace of it will be deleted from our system and we will not be able to resend it.

the email containing the CCV attachment will be sent to the email address placed in the ‘Reservations’ filed in Resonline’s Property Details page - please ensure this field is up to date

the email will be sent from the email address - please make sure that this email is recognised by your email provider to avoid having it identified as spam

the Subject for the CCV attachment email will be similar to...
CCV details for [distribution channel name] booking reference : [booking id]

once you process an authorisation or collect the first payment using these CCV details, you must delete this email from your records. The same regulations forbidding Resonline to store CCV also applies to all merchants.


If you have not received an email with CCV for your booking, please contact the guest directly, unfortunately Resonline will not be able to resend or access the CCV number for you.



How to find your Resonline ID?


Your Resonline Property ID can be found:


On the top right corner of your Resonline account

At the top of the Resonline Home page

Inside the Property Details section - above your property name field





Resonline - Property Details section:


Resonline ID